Montys Brewery

Monty's Brewery - sunshine

Hoppy, Floral, Golden Ale - Alc 4.2%
Available in casks, poly pins & as 500ml bottle conditioned beer.
Our multi award winning golden, hoppy, floral ale. Monty's Sunshine; this is our most popular, signature brew. It's packed with floral and citrus aromas from the cascade hops and has a distinctive dry finish.
"It's just like a glass of summer, all year round."


Monty's Brewery - dingdong

A crisp, dry, golden ale full of light, festive flavours. Monty's crisp, dry golden ale. Alc 4,4%.
A perfect pint to partner yuletide food. 

Montys Brewery - best offa

Montys Brewery - best offa

We have worked with Offas Dyke Path National Trail to brew the official beer for Offas Dyke Path.
Brewed with a great balance of malts and hops, this beer at 4.0% Alc. is great to try after a long days walk on the Path.
Supporting the Path's history & upkeep.
For every Pint and Bottle we sell, Monty's will be donating towards the upkeep of the Path.


Monty's Brewery - dark secret Export version 5,5%

A rich full bodied oatmeal stout full of chocolate and coffee flavours great at Export version 5.5% Alc. This one is for the dark beer lovers to enjoy.
Great Tasting Gluten Free Beer
Great Taste 3 Gold Star Winner 2017 & 2018
Silver Medal Champion Stout of Wales 2017
It is brewed with malted oats and barley and the gluten removed, an exceptional gluten free stout.
Available as a 500ml bottle conditioned beer.








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