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Brouczech Beer

BrouCzech history in the making - alas, the taste is what wins everyone over
True traditional lager, minimum of 60 days in creation before it leaves our lager cellars. Medium well on the scale of golden color, creamy head that stays on for a while when poured properly - meaning right into the corner between the glass wall and bottom.
Hoppy and malty aroma with a hint of sweetness leaves a very pleasant aftertaste - watch out, this flavor is highly addictive!
Recommended serving temperature 54-56 °F (12-14 °C).


Hell with fire of life - The only brunett among all blondes, and yes, it is different
Until 1842, all beers were dark. This is a stellar example of what our forfathers may have been drinking back then. Reddish brown in color, with a rich, foamy head and a distinctive aroma of roasted malt and Saaz hops. Although the sweetest of our beers, it still retains our typically pleasant hoppy-malty tail and it is a very enjoyable brew all around.
Best served around 56-58°F with a hefty medium rare steak.

Novopacke Pivo Beer

Třešňové pivo

Already at the end of summer 2009, the brewery prepared for its customers another new flavor of flavored beer with a flavor of cherries. Beer is rolled into non-returnable 0.5 liter glass bottles with an exclusive label and 30 l barrels.


Zázvorové pivo - Ginger beer

Ginger has long been considered a natural cure. Its connection with a high quality beer base gives rise to a healthy refreshing drink, which can satisfy many fans of flavored beer. They reel into non-returnable 0.5 liter bottles, with an alcohol content of 4.1%.

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