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Oliivit products

Anchovy fillers - ANJOVISTÄYTE

One, perhaps the most traditional flavor of Spanish stuffed olives is just Anjovistayte, of course, naturally belonging to the traditional flavors of Mediterranean countries


Cheese filling - JUUSTOTÄYTE

Genuine blue cheese stuffed with Oro Verde, made from delicious and healthy Manzanilla olives. This lightly home cheese aromatic olive is the actual olives "Queen". The flavor that comes less frequently in a series of stuffed olives. This filling, used in Manzanilla with olives, is the most challenging combination of all filled Oro Verde olives.


Almond filling - MANTELITÄYTE

Among the stuffed olives also Mantelitoyte is a slightly less commonly used flavor, but still a prestigious quality on gourmet tables. A well-known and popular taste also as an appendage and ornament of some "drinks". Elegant and sophisticated genuine ...... * GOLD GREEN "Green gold"


Peperoni filling - PEPERONITÄYTE

The Manzanilla olives filled with authentic peppers are "the one" you are looking for to give sharpness and cheers to the pan. A little different stuffed green olive.


Lemon filling - SITRUUNATÄYTE

Perhaps one of the best stuffs, the Oro Verde series is a fresh and delicious Lemon-filled olive that is suitable for many different purposes. An excellent addition to fresh vegetable salad mixes. A suitable taste for traditional cocktails as an ornament.



Manzanilla olives marinated and stuffed with genuine garlic paste. The smell of light aroma does not cover the delicious olive flavor

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